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At Just Jake’s we offer a selection of top quality steaks, appetizers, house-made pizzas, gourmet burgers and much more! We also have a variety of vegetarian and celiac-friendly options, as well as hand-crafted desserts.

We love the environment and buy our ingredients and supplies from other local and environmentally conscious businesses. We recycle all of our paper products, tin, glass and plastics, and use biodegradable garbage bags. We buy energy efficient products and biodegradable cleaners, plus, we compost daily and have reduced our waste by 75,000 kg so far. Our fryer oil becomes Biodiesel, which can power a vehicle, and the mash from every beer we brew next door, feeds the hungry local pigs.

We sponsor hundreds of community organizations, charities, teams and causes.

We’re Open

11am-9pm Monday – Thursday

11am-10pm Friday & Saturday

11am-8pm Sunday





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